Be a Hope Navigatorsm and Receive Additional Ministry Tools


As you minister to cancer patients and their families, you help them find hope for their journey … hope spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Hope for a successful battle against cancer.

That’s a tall order, and one that requires a substantial commitment on your part. So Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), through its spiritual outreach program, Our Journey of Hope®, has made a commitment to come alongside you by sharing some of our experience and expertise in treating cancer patients.

In 2005, we created the website,, where cancer patients and their families can go for spiritual support, such as weekly devotionals, monthly sermons, articles on faith and healing, helpful Scriptures on hope, comfort, strength, and testimonials from people who have seen God at work in their cancer journey. It’s also a place where people like you, who provide ministry to cancer patients and their families, can learn of new resources to better equip you, including lay ministry training and follow-up seminars on cancer-related topics.

Now, we’re able to offer you even more: our new Hope Navigatorssm program, a complement of tips and tools to deepen your understanding of cancer and the issues cancer patients face, to help you overcome ministry obstacles, to make you even more effective in ministry to this growing population.

Through Hope Navigatorssm, some of the cancer ministry tools and interactive opportunities you’ll have include:

  • visiting the Chaplain’s Corner where you can ask ministry questions and get a response from a CTCA chaplain
  • learning cancer support group basics to gain insight and wisdom for establishing a vibrant ministry
  • downloading seminars on cancer-related topics that you can use in your church ministry or to help individual cancer patients
  • gaining information on pain management, managing side effects, nutrition, effective communication, nutritional supplements, cutting-edge cancer technology, and helping people deal effectively with some of the responses they might be having to a life-threatening disease
  • making connections with others serving cancer patients across the country to discuss what works and what doesn’t work at their church in the area of cancer ministry

So, take your time, look around, come back often to see what's been added, learn, and then become a Hope Navigatorsm by engendering hope and using all you learn to help someone you know with cancer along their journey.

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